I just know that these affordable modern rugs will be all the rage this year

It's time to get ahead of the curve, y'all

Colorful irregular shaped Urban Outfitters rug on the left with a white coffee table and orange sofa, on the right a faux cowhide rug on wooden floor
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In the market for a fresh new rug (ughhh that new rug smell 😍) and not sure where to start? I rent my apartment, and I am forever looking for ways I can switch up my space that won't upset my landlord. So, I like to make use of the sheer number of rugs I own to do this (don't even ask how many as I've lost count at this point). Whether that's switching my living room rug with my bedroom rug, or buying a totally new on-trend rug that I've spotted in an influencer's home, I'm a little obsessed. I mean who cares about paying bills or putting gas in the car when I can cover up my ugly rental carpet and add a little somethin’ somethin’ to my small-but-perfectly-formed apartment?

I'm guessing you've landed here because your home is modern (or maybe it's mid-century modern or a little Scandi modern mix) — either way, if you’re bored of scrolling through everyone else’s HomeTok and want to stay ahead of the curve yourself, the modern rugs I've found will definitely fit the vibe check this year.

This is a super easy (and not to mention actually affordable) way to spruce a space that you keep looking at because you think it's in desperate need of a refresh. In fact, I think that modern rugs are going to be a big flooring trend for 2023. I can’t decide which one is my favorite... although the mustard zebra print is definitely up there. Take a look.

9 on-trend modern rugs to spend your money on this year

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What kind of rugs are in style now?

You’ll be happy to know that modern and contemporary rugs will reign supreme in 2023, but you don’t need to worry too much about getting it exactly right. A whole range of rugs is in style right now, from vintage-inspired rugs to color block designs. Here’s what to look out for: 

Natural Rugs: Natural fibers such as jute and sisal are becoming more and more common, offering you the chance to add neutral staples to your home. These rugs work on their own as a durable option for high-traffic areas, but they also work as a neat little underlay for other layered rugs.

Unusual Shapes: Unusual-shaped rugs are making their mark already, and I’m here for it. Rectangular, square, and round rugs will never go out of style, but more and more design enthusiasts are playing around with their shapes and having more fun with their rugs. From cutouts to scalloped edges, unique rugs will be everywhere soon. 

Experimental Colors: Neutral colors have had their chance to shine, and the latest new modern rugs on the market are really packing a punchier palette. Designers are focusing on color-blocking big and bold colors and allowing the rug to become a true focal point in a room rather than just an afterthought. 

Shag Piles: Once popular during the groovy 1970s, the shag pile has found its way back into the modern rug world. Homeowners are choosing to opt for a longer and cozier pile length for their rugs, adding a luxurious and soft accent to any room in the home.

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