5 #CandleTok accessories that should have been in your cart a long time ago

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#CandleTok accessories including a trimmer, candle cloche and candle tray on a pink background
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Have you seen the adorable #CandleTok accessories heating up your FYP? 

After all, candles are having a forever moment. Sure, the TikTok-famous candle warmer lamps have been hogging the spotlight as of late, and we have one — maybe even two — in our checkout carts, but there are plenty of other items circulating our feeds that have not gone a little unnoticed, but that actually should have been in our carts a really long time ago.

"Candles and home fragrance are a ritualistic and integral part of many routines, such as lighting an energizing candle before sitting down to work, or [lighting] a calming scent before yoga or a bath," says Tamara Mayne, founder and creative director of Brooklyn Candle Studio (opens in new tab). Mayne admits they look great with any type of decor but believes candles have taken on a bigger role in our homes over the past few years. 

They create a mood and have become part of our every day, plus they've managed to shine a light on small businesses that offer fresh, unique buys for our places, according to Jasmine Gurney (opens in new tab), DIY interiors influencer and founder of Oh Abode.

There are many factors to thank for the rise of #CandleTok, and we're more than willing to take that inspo and channel it in our own spaces. From trays to trimmers, here are a few cute yet practical accessories that fans of #CandleTok can't do without.

#CandleTok accessories: Candle trays

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Match cloches

Wick trimmers

Candle accessory kits

Rechargeable lighters

A few candle care tips

Sure, at first glance some of these CandleTok accessories might not seem absolutely necessary, but they are actually pretty darn useful. You'll be way less likely to make the most basic candle mistakes so you can keep your favorite fragrances around for as long as possible. 

"I love a snuffer because they’re so cute and feel so traditional, but really they’re great because they contain the smoke, so when the flame is extinguished, the lasting scent of the candle lingers longer," says Georgia Plaskow, the founder of Ohros London (opens in new tab). "Most importantly, wick trimmers are wonderful because they are angled and have a small ‘dish’ to catch the burnt wick." 

When keeping care of your collection, Plaskow also recommends keeping your candle lit for at least an hour to ensure an even burn. And should your wick curl or "mushroom," you know it's time for a trim.

Then, there are the more unconventional methods that you might not have considered. 

"For an even slower burn, pop the candle in the freezer for half an hour before lighting to harden the wax even more," Gurney suggests.

Now, you're prepared. Without further ado, we'd say it's time for a shopping spree.

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