Meet vanilla girl: clean girl aesthetic's cozy sister

We're *really* feeling this design trend

A neutral vanilla girl aesthetic bedroom with cozy throw blanket and pebble mirror
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If you've been scrolling through tons of cozy content lately, you've probably seen the "vanilla girl" aesthetic everywhere. This simple, soft, and warm vibe is inspired by the timeless, sweet scent and taste of vanilla, and the neutral color palette associated with it.

Much like the clean girl aesthetic, vanilla girl focuses on minimalist, clean, and put-together looks in neutral tones with gold accents. However, the vanilla girl takes a softer approach and isn't afraid to lean into her love of all things warm and comforting.

If you're a lover of all things Scandi and Japandi, we promise you're going to love bringing the vanilla girl aesthetic into your home. 

A neutral bedroom with abstract vanilla toned art

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How to achieve the vanilla girl aesthetic at home

Although many vanilla girl videos focus on fashion and beauty, we're happy to say the aesthetic is very achievable with home decor, too. 

Focus on white, cream, and natural brown colors when you're shopping, and when in doubt, lean toward warmer tones. When it comes to textiles, if it feels cozy and warm and makes you want to cuddle, you're good to go. Aim for a mix of bouclé, cable-knit, tufting, and velvet.

And of course, the scent of vanilla is key, so bring on the candles and sweet-scented home sprays.

A bathtub and bath caddy filled with aesthetic vanilla candles

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The vanilla girl home edit

Ready to feel put-together and warm? We've found the perfect pieces for each room in your home to give your apartment a vanilla girl makeover for the new year.


Your bedroom is the perfect place to start when it comes to incorporating the vanilla girl aesthetic. Shop these picks that'll make you feel warm and fuzzy inside in a few seconds flat.


Yep, even your bathroom can become a vanilla girl-approved sanctuary. Whether it's a sleek soap dispenser or a perfectly-placed candle, grab these items to up your shower room game.


Though your kitchen probably isn't the coziest space in your apartment, a few thoughtful essentials will bring in the vanilla vibes real quick. This mini list features mugs perfect for making cocoa (a very vanilla girl drink) and proves that even your knife block can fit into this aesthetic.

Living Room

Arguably one of the easiest rooms for embracing this look, your living room can go from bland to a super cozy sanctuary in no time with these elevated buys. We're adding all of these to our cart right now.

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