I’m half French, and these are my must-have coffee table decor picks

Without a croissant in sight

Styled coffee table in white lounge space with houseplants surround
(Image credit: Future | Camille Dubuis-Welch)

The coffee table holds a special place in my heart. When I came of age to start having coffee, I was ridiculously overjoyed. Caffeine may have played a part in that, but there was more to it. It meant spending long summers at my grandmother’s home in Auvergne, France, when we weren’t out and about visiting a cute village (and buying cheese), foraging for mushrooms in forests, or getting ice cream, much of our afternoons would be spent perched around the coffee table with friends. 

My grandmother's coffee table was simple and pretty undressed if I’m being honest, until the crockery came out from the wooden buffet — think delicate white coffee cups and saucers, small silver spoons, and ceramic bowls to decanter La Perruche sugar cubes into. There were usually treats around, too, like madeleines. 

Her table was petite and square with a glass top, and although aesthetically the space was unfussy, the moments spent around it meant a lot, and I’ve definitely carried this into my adult life. I now see the coffee table as a staple and the center of a happy living space. So actually when it comes to styling anything in my home, this spot is one of my favorites.

Styled coffee table in white lounge space with houseplants surround

(Image credit: Future | Camille Dubuis-Welch)

Mine today is longer, made from wicker, but still has a glass top. I picked it up from a thrift store and I've loved it ever since. You want your coffee table to show off a little of your personality and make you feel good. When you put your own stamp on it, yours is sure to charm guests. These are my must-haves for a cute and curated space, without a croissant in sight.

1. Coasters

Coasters are cute. Case closed. And they'll stop ring marks on wooden coffee tables or scratches on glass-top tables like mine. I go between using these cute Polkra X Anna Glover ones (opens in new tab) and some that I picked up in Indonesia (keep it unique, people). 

2. A little literature

Be it your favorite magazine (opens in new tab) (guess mine), a dusty Victor Hugo you found in a thrift store, or a photography book, I love having some sort of read on my coffee table. It's a great way to spark interesting conversations with friends and perfect entertainment if you're coffee-ing solo. 

3. Foliage

Styled coffee table in white lounge space with houseplants surround

(Image credit: Future | Camille Dubuis-Welch)

We love an indoor plant, and it's so easy to change this up. I tend to lean into ceramic planters for cacti and succulents, but a vintage glass vase does fresh seasonal blooms good, too.

4. Cute coffee cups

Ceramics again just look so good and they don't age. I go between espresso cups and bigger coffee mugs. I'm into glass on glass though, and mixing colors will bring more fun to this spot.

5. Candles

Ambiance and candles go hand in hand. I love grouping mini Diptyque candles (Baies is a fave) and more colorful taper picks for balance. NEOM is another candle brand I love, a lot.

Camille Dubuis-Welch
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