The 6 most expensive-looking Wayfair rugs we've found for renters are on sale

Give your space a refresh and stick to your budget

Wayfair rug: Dakota Fields Espinosa Geometric Area Rug in Cream/Beige in living room with white sofa, wooden chair, wooden sideboard and large gold round mirror
(Image credit: Wayfair )

If like me, you keep looking at one of the rooms in your apartment and thinking that it really needs a refresh, then you don't need to set aside hundreds of dollars to make this happen. In fact, over the years of renovating my spacious apartment, I've come to learn that you can very easily rejuvenate a space by switching or adding just one item. Okay, you guessed it: It's a rug

The power of a rug is often underrated when it comes to decorating. I love the rugs in my home for doing the obvious: adding a soft touch to my lino floors. And not to mention, they are a godsend in the winter months as they add an extra layer of insulation. Other than that, I've used my rugs to add texture to my rooms, be it my neutral bedroom, my minimalist entryway, or my larger-than-life living room.

I've handpicked a bunch of Wayfair rugs that I loved when browsing on-site, and in my opinion, all of them look twice the price of their price tag (some of them are actually discounted, too). You can tell from my home Instagram account (opens in new tab) that I'm slightly impartial to a rug or five. Being somewhat clumsy and living with a pet, you can also rest assured that I know what to look for when choosing a rug that will last, be it an entryway rug or something for your bedside.

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6 expensive-looking Wayfair rugs to buy

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Not a Wayfair fan? We've also rounded up our favorite Amazon rugs if you are a Prime member.

Are Wayfair rugs good quality?

It will depend on the brand that you buy your rug from at Wayfair. As a rule, always check the reviews of your new rug if you're unsure of its quality by the photos. Otherwise, Wayfair offers a 30-day return policy, so long as the rug is undamaged and you have its original packaging.

To keep your Wayfair rug in good shape, follow the care and maintenance instructions that come with it. If you spill anything on it, we have a guide on how to clean every type of rug.

If you want a rug that you can forever switch around, then a Ruggable (opens in new tab) might be for you. This brand lets you buy the cushioning of your rug once, then you replace its topper as you switch up your interior theme. Cost-efficient and eco-friendly — we're totally here for it.

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