Christina Chrysostomou

Christina Chrysostomou

Ecommerce Editor

Bonjour, Yasou, Hello — I'm Christina, Ecommerce editor at Real Homes. Along with my super creative colleagues, I create content to help you create a chic home on a budget. I live in a 2-bed maisonette, with garage and garden in Essex. Geographically, it's perfect; I've got the forest on my doorstep, and London is just 15 minutes by tube or car.

My niche(s)
Consider me your go-to go-go gadget girl! If there's a small kitchen appliance that chops, blitzes, cooks, or blends — I've had my hands on it. I'm here to assess how practical it is, whether it's stylish enough to display, and whether it's going to drain your energy supply or not. You'll only have to flick through my Instagram to see I'm a real foodie.

Why listen to me?
I graduated with a first-class honors degree in marketing and media, communications, and culture from the University of Keele. From there, I did my fair share of events marketing working on the Ideal Home Show, Grand Designs Live, and the Cake & Bake Show before I moved into an editorial role. Though food is my "thing," I've got experience in writing cleaning advice pieces, and if you've had the unfortunate issue of finding an unwelcome guest in your home — you'll see my name against loads of pest control pieces too.

About my Real Home...
My home is a smorgasbord of different interior styles. Our bedroom is a gender-neutral gray and yellow, our kitchen a modern glossy mushroom hue, and the living-room-cum-office is a split between Scandi and mid-century modern. Somehow, it all works!

My fave home buys
My fiance and I bit the Black Friday bullet and bought a refurbished Dyson Hot & Cold fan, and hands-down... it's the best thing since sliced bread. I'm never fanning myself in the summer, nor complaining I'm cold in the winter. Plus, he always looks super smug changing the temperature settings from his phone. Another thing that was a little spenny (but completely worth it IMO) is the Bianco Bergamot & Mandarin Zest Candle by Soho Home. As a home fragrance, it makes your house smell super expensive, plus the vessel can be reused as the most boujee pen pot.

On my to-buy list
Ooh, that's a toughie — can't I just have a blank check? Jokes aside, I'd love a new office chair from Amazon to replace my dining chair WFH setup. Most days, I look like a human croissant arched over my laptop, and that's just not setting the right example for our lovely readers, is it?

I am currently working on...
I'm up to my eyeballs (in a good way) in Black Friday and Cyber Monday content. Anyone who works in this industry will tell you that searching for the best discounts is cool but wild! In the week leading up to the pre-Christmas promotional period, there's a real sense of camaraderie in the office, which makes typing at the rate of knots super exciting. Imagine a financial trading floor in the city — but for homewares.

Christina Chrysostomou