32 bedroom lighting ideas to illuminate your space like a dream

Create a rest and restore sanctuary of calm with bedroom lighting ideas that set the perfect wake-up and wind-down mood

Natural materials lighting in laid-back bedroom scheme, with framed wall art of natural beachscape inspired moments.
(Image credit: Poster Store)

We're bringing our favorite bedroom lighting ideas to the table because perfect lighting is essential to make the most out of every space. And, when it comes to the most intimate and personal room of all, it plays an even more important part.

While lighting may not seem like a game-changer when it comes to picking ideas for your bedroom – especially when compared with the instant makeover results of paint or wallpaper, bedding, and the like – for this room to be both functional and attractive, you need to add a mixture of lighting ideas to create the perfect look and feel.

That way, whether you're winding down with a book in bed or getting dressed and ready for the day, your room's lighting can be tailored to meet your needs.

From the best master bedroom lighting ideas to all the information that you need to know about planning a bedroom lighting scheme from scratch, get it right and you'll see the difference in the finish of your bedroom design – instantly. 

'Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, a place to retreat to at the end of the day,' says Natalie Mann, new product development coordinator, Iconic Lights (opens in new tab).

'Getting the lighting right is essential to creating a space that feels both restful and functional. Layering the lighting will give you plenty of options depending on the task at hand.

'Bedside task lamps, clip-on lights, and wall lights offer low-level light, ideal for reading or relaxing. Ceiling lights create a focal point over the bed and serve a practical function, or can be used to create a modern design feature when hung over both bedside tables.'

'Finally, don’t forget warm white bulbs and a dimmer switch. This will give you full control, from bright light to a softer mood lighting for the evening.'

1. Stay put with a nightstand lamp 

Yellow dip bedside lamp besides coordinating yellow pillowcase, and velvet green headboard, with mini yellow shade wall light, and round mirror on wall.

(Image credit: Pooky)

The workhorse of your bedroom lighting is your nightstand lamp. It's the light you switch on before going to bed and when you wake up. When you're shocked awake in the middle of the night, it's the light you can count on. It's also most likely your preferred reading light.

Paige Anderson, interior design architect, Nitido Design (opens in new tab), says: ‘Place accent lighting at your nightstand to eliminate the need to get out of bed to turn off the lights. For a more industrial aesthetic, some individuals replace bedside table lamps with wall sconces or even small pendant lights. Any desk or vanity in your bedroom should have task lighting as well.’

We love this yellow bedroom idea, which features a color pop lamp and wall light from Pooky (opens in new tab), picked up in the yellow pillowcase, in contrast to the gray wall and green headboard. 

And to keep your bedside looking pretty, learn how to conceal unsightly lamp cords with an easy 3-step hack that costs $12 and requires just two materials. 

2. Add personality with a unique design 

Blue ombre beaded chandelier

(Image credit: Karen B. Wolf; Photo: Photo: Raquel Langworthy)

Your bedroom sanctuary should reflect your true style – it’s where you wake up and unwind every day, and a safe place where you can be your true self away from the multi-personas of the working day. With this in mind, choose a bedroom ceiling light idea that dares to be different and breaks away from the ‘norm’ to create the ultimate mood room destination.

Océane Pouélé, curator and marketing executive, Artelier (opens in new tab), says: ‘Bedroom lighting can be as unique as you, it's great to experiment with unusual and unexpected lighting to make a real statement piece in the bedroom. Mood lighting with different settings is often preferred to create a more restful atmosphere that adapts to your needs throughout the day.’

Smitten by this stunning gradient design (we certainly are!)? For similar, try the Amber ombre beaded chandelier (opens in new tab), from Façade Interiors & Furniture. 

3. Create a boudoir vibe with a neon light sign 

Personalized neon name light sign

(Image credit: Custom Neon; @agathavpw)

Seduce your small bedroom design with a colorful glow of neon for an edgy, modern twist. 

Jess Munday, co-founder, Custom Neon (opens in new tab), says: ‘LED neon signs are a fantastic way to illuminate your bedroom with bright neon color. They can turn any space into a moody boudoir or spruce up a blank wall space with a piece of aesthetic artwork. Always wanted to see your name in lights? With a personalized neon name sign, you can, perfect for hanging in your bedroom! There’s absolutely no limit to what you can do with a bedroom neon sign. Not only are they a great piece of lighted wall art, but with a remote and dimmer, you can control the luminosity of your neon sign and create your desired ambiance.’

Hot pink neon light sign on aubergine hued wall, with dark floral bedlinen, wall paneling, and multi exposed bulbs ceiling pendant.

(Image credit: Custom Neon; @buntinghouse)

Love what you see? Check out Custom Neon’s range of bedroom neon signs (opens in new tab), and personalize your space. Or if you're feeling crafty, learn how to make a neon sign in five simple steps. 

4. Scale the size of the light fixture to the size of the room 


(Image credit: Karen B. Wolf Interiors; Photo: Raquel Langworthy)

In small and spacious master bedrooms alike, balance proportions to create a harmonized aesthetic.  

Andra DelMonico, lead interior designer, Trendey (opens in new tab), says: ‘Scale the size of the light fixture to the size of the room. The bigger the room the bigger the fixture. This ensures you have plenty of light to illuminate the entire space. Additionally, consider the height of the ceiling. The lower your ceiling is, the closer to it the light fixture should sit. The higher the ceiling, the more it should extend down. This helps to create the right visual proportions in the room.’

5. Create layers of light 

Layered lighting sources including bedside lamp, floor lamp, and mixed ceiling pendants trio, in pastel and neutral bedroom scheme, featuring floral artwork and pillows galore.

(Image credit: Norsu Interiors)

Bedrooms are versatile spaces, and as such require a combination of task and mood lighting to highlight specific zones, and create a relaxed mood, as demonstrated with these shapely, pastel lighting pendants (opens in new tab) and lamps from Norsu Interiors. 

Lina Galvao, Etch Design Group (opens in new tab) says: ‘The balance of dark and bright lighting can completely change the vibe of a sleep recovery room. Consider the feel you're going for before you decide on lighting. You'd start with an eye-catching fixture in the middle of the room and then add warmth with floor lamps and table lamps. Accent lights are also a must if the room's design contains art - it draws the eye.’

‘When picking out light bulbs try warm-white shades as they make the space more inviting. Avoid blue-white lighting because it gives off an industrial look.’

DelMonico says: ‘You should have one large fixture that can illuminate the entire room. Then you should have smaller fixtures that are task lighting, illuminating a specific area, such as your nightstands, vanity, or desk. These are useful for when you need light but don’t want to illuminate the entire room.’

6. Maximize lighting in a dark space 

Dark and moody bedroom detail, with glass orb wall light above bedside table, and lived-in crumpled bedlinen in deep indigo colorway.

(Image credit: Original BTC)

Is your black bedroom north-facing or lacking in natural daylight? Utilize lighting solutions to diffuse a warm and welcoming glow, and reimagine your rest and revive space. Recreate this look with the Mini Globe Wall Light Polished Brass (opens in new tab), from Original BTC. 

Niki Wright, co-founder, lights&lamps (opens in new tab), says: ‘The positioning of lighting is key to any bedroom scheme. Illuminating a dull corner with a table or floor lamp or washing a dark wall with a well-placed bedroom wall light can make a huge difference to the energy and feel of a room.’

7. Use a corner lamp for an intimate look and feel 

Slim brass floor lamp with orb shape head besides round, black tray table with potted plant.

(Image credit: lights&lamps)

If a cozy, escape bolthole is what you really crave, skip the overhead light fixture, and opt for an intimate and relaxing corner floor lamp. 

Choose this classy, contemporary, Imperial - 1 light brass and opal midi floor lamp (opens in new tab), from lights&lamps, for a simple yet chic addition. This compact design has a shorter stem with the light positioned at a similar height to a lamp on a table. Fitted with a dimmer switch, this is an ideal lamp for reading in your favorite chair or for creating a cozy corner.

Andre Kazimierski, CEO, Improovy Painters Hinsdale (opens in new tab), says: ‘Standing lamps with a warmer, yellow bulb can provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere for a bedroom, and typically offer less direct and glaring light than your average overhead fixture. I especially recommend something with adjustable light settings, and a white or off-white shade to gently diffuse light.’

8. Sleep with a sustainable conscience 

Relaxed bedroom in neutral palette, with tactile textures, pampas grass, and large natural materials ceiling pendant above bed.

(Image credit: Iconic Lights)

A happy home should aid a healthy planet! Choose mindful lighting designs made from sustainable materials, such as paper, metal, wood, and rattan. 

Made Trade’s tantalizing offering of ethical, beautiful, and sustainable lighting designs (opens in new tab), has something to suit every interior style - from modern minimalist to boho artisan. 

9. Create a dreamy ambience with a tape light 

LED lit headboard with mood-enhancing effects, with layered bedlinen, and aerial map print above headboard.

(Image credit: Royalfurniture.com)

Try an easy and cost-effective DIY bedroom decor idea with mood-enhancing properties, for an instant bedroom update. 

Paige Anderson, interior design architect, Nitido Design (opens in new tab), says:The most cost-effective change might be to install a tape light behind a bed headboard. Colors can be changed in simple LED tape lighting kits. They can automatically alter the music or the colors. They are also cost-effective.’

10. Install a Scandinavian style pendant

A bedroom with Pilke pendant lamps which were created by the industrial designer Tuukka Halonen

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Looking for a Scandinavian bedroom idea? Handmade in Finland, with interspersed cut-out shapes from intriguing geometric patterns, this Pilke pendant light (opens in new tab) is from Finnish designer Tuukka Halonen (opens in new tab).

Traditional Finnish handicraft techniques meet contemporary geometry with this design, which takes its name, Pilke from the Finnish word for 'twinkle'. A perfectly apt name for a bedroom lighting design, we think you'd agree.

Keep your Birch Plywood light looking on point by cleaning it with a handheld vacuum cleaner to get into all the nooks and crannies.

11. Create a luxury hotel feel 

Gray bedroom with claw-like ceiling light fixture and two white lampshades

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Inject luxury into your gray bedroom with lighting inspired by a boutique hotel. 

This modern ceiling fixture features a clear acrylic design and stunning metal detailing, suspended from a height-adjustable clear flex. Two crisp white lampshades envelop the bed offering a fresh linen feel.

12. Upcycle a plain lamp to match furniture

Upcycled lampshade in bedroom with khaki painted chest of drawers and striped pink wall decor

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

We don't know about you, but this Annie Sloan (opens in new tab) bedroom scene is making us feel quite nostalgic. Cotton candy pinks, striped wall decor, and draped circus tent motifs all stir up fun memories at the fairground.

But, all of these elements once started as blank foundations, so it's magical what the power of paint and upcycling can do. Here, a rattan bed frame and chest of drawers have been given a lick of chalky Olive paint (opens in new tab).

However, our favorite piece is the lampshade which uses a similar design as the storage unit it sits on. As well as the aforementioned khaki hue, Emperor's Silk (opens in new tab) is used to create a design that reminds us of a merry-go-round.

Take action and give your vintage bedroom design an extra dose of TLC with this fun upcycling idea. 

13. Add lights outside of the bedroom

A bedroom with lighting in the landing and in the bedroom

(Image credit: Homesense)

As well as adding lighting to your ceiling, surfaces and walls, make your interior spaces work that little bit harder by looking at the adjacent rooms too. 

Ample hallway lighting and adequately-lit landings will ensure that you don't feel the urge to pump your bedroom with strong and harsh lightbulbs.

Light the way with the cream of the crop, best hallway lighting, as chosen by us.

14. Make lighting stand out with a feature wall

Pastel bedroom scheme with large natural ceiling pendant, and pink color block painted circle to zone space on wall behind headboard.

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Painting an arch or a circle in an interior space is a quick and easy feature wall idea that most emulsion companies and design experts have got on board with recently. And we love this pink background by Benjamin Moore using their First Light 2102 (opens in new tab) – a lovely rosy pink.

Positioning rattan bedroom lighting decor centrally will cast a gorgeous shadow onto this painted wall.

15. Match your shade to your wallcovering

White bedroom with marble wallpaper, blue duvet and feathered detailed lampshade

(Image credit: Pooky)

Owners of white bedrooms needn't miss out on the fun when it comes to bedroom lighting ideas. 

In this sleep space, accented with a purple-blue bedspread and bouquet – a feathered, similarly-colored Draycott lampshade (opens in new tab) that subtly matches the marble-effect walls.

16. Embrace nature with a bohemian design

Autumn Leaves Pendant Light by The French Bedroom Co. in white bedroom

(Image credit: The French Bedroom Co.)

Reminiscent of falling autumnal leaves, this hanging pendant bedroom lighting idea from features multiple distressed antique brass-colored leaves. 

The leaf structure gives the light a really natural aesthetic, and the light from the single screw-in bulb cascades gently through the leaves casting a warm glow across the room.

To embrace a bohemian bedroom, pair with a rattan chair, global soft accessories, and a palm plant to really immerse yourself in this seventies-inspired scheme.

17. Add a tactile touch with a feathered side lamp

Feathered lampshade on tripod stand on rustic bedside table, in French style boudoir, with lilac quilt.

(Image credit: The French Bedroom Co.)

A mass of white feathers that sit on a tiered and boned circular ball structure, forming a beautifully dense cloud-like effect whether turned off or on in this Feathered Cloud (opens in new tab) design by The French Bedroom Co.

The styling of this lamp is thoroughly modern, with a nod to 1920s glamour. We love the combination of soft textured feathers against the brushed brass legs.

Fake or faux – colored or white – ostrich or peacock – this bird-based design is pretty fly. As a bedroom lighting idea, this design is extremely versatile. It can look great styled in a French bedroom scheme.

18. Swap bedside table lamps for wall lights

Blue bedroom wall with a wood bed, white duvet set and orange cushions with black wired lampshade

(Image credit: Future)

A bedroom wall lighting idea is a must in any bedtime reader’s bedroom, and an extendable wall light makes adjusting the light to your needs easy – plus it adds an on-trend industrial twist. Better still? It's a great idea for small bedrooms where bedside table space is rather limited.

19. Use a bedside lantern for soft lighting

A white bedroom with grey and white geometric wall hanging, grey bedside table and Pampas

(Image credit: Dunelm)

You don’t have to live in a country cottage to enjoy a rural, rustic bedroom ambiance. 

White-washed walls and upcycled furniture are a must, but the right bedroom lighting is essential to getting the look right. Choose a bedside lamp with a traditional charm to complete the scheme. 

20. Save space with bedside pendants

A white bedroom with small pendant light and single bed

(Image credit: QUU Design)

Putting pendant lights on either side of the bed creates a definite designer feel. 

But this is a bedroom lighting idea that needs to be planned in early to a room revamp because, like wall lighting, it needs to be wired in professionally, rather than just plugged in like a lamp. 

Ensure there are separate switches on either side of the bed to control each light individually, too.

A bedroom with light white curtain window treatment and wood paneling

(Image credit: Fritz Fryer)

That said, it creates a lovely low pool of light and saves space on the bedside table. Choose your lampshade carefully – opaque ones will direct the light downwards which will look lovely, but won't be practical if you like to read in bed. 

Another option for bedroom lighting is the dropped pendant or a grouping of pendants. Perfect for a stylish hotel look, group these in odd numbers and a range of sizes for the best effect.

21. Combine lots of task lighting

Blue walls and floral bedhead in Victorian home with view of stairs

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

This is a great bedroom lighting idea if you want different options for reading in bed. 

So, for example, a stronger anglepoise-style wall reading light could be good for creating a task light to read by, then a softer bedside lamp with a shade would be a better light for adding ambiance or if you read from a backlit kindle so don't always need that bright light.

22. Hang soft shades as bedside lights 

A pale sage green bedroom with panelling and white bedside lampshades and ladder

(Image credit: Veronica Rodriguez)

Firstly, that sage green, what a dreamy bedroom color, secondly, those lights. They have a slightly Japanese feel to them with the soft paper shades and they juxtapose the statement modern light beautifully. 

Plus, just imagine the lovely glowy light they would give off, which is perfect for a romantic bedroom atmosphere.

23. Create your own DIY light fixture

A blue and grey bedroom by ikea with picture ledge

(Image credit: Ikea)

This DIY bedside table, created with shelving and lighting from Ikea (opens in new tab) (see how in our step-by-step) performs two roles: it provides a soft light by the bed that's great for the room's general atmosphere and is just at the right level for reading by (see how the light lines up with the pillow. Clever.

Can't wait to do it yourself? Get started with this Ikea hack (opens in new tab).

24. Pick a design that blends in

A pink velvet bed with white linen and floral wallpaper

(Image credit: Cole & Son)

If your bedroom's focus is on a stand-out bedroom wallpaper idea or gorgeous headboard, don't make it a battle for attention with the lighting. 

Instead, pick a design that's subtle and blends into the background like this clear glass lamp with muted and fluted shade – only coming into its own when it's switched on.

25. Be bold with a statement design

A dusty pink bedroom with pink bed and curtains, green velvet cushions and white wall light and fringed ceiling light

(Image credit: David Burton)

You'll probably rely on the central pendant in a bedroom less than you would a living room lighting idea, so you can afford to think less practically and more decoratively. 

With so many beautiful options out there, it can be tricky to narrow down your favorites. 

But as a starting point, if your bedroom has high ceilings, a larger pendant shade or chandelier will create a pretty focal point, especially in traditional bedrooms; lower ceilings might benefit more from smaller fittings or, in contemporary bedrooms, downlights or ceiling lights.

26. Use fairy lights for ambient bedroom lighting

A Scandinavian style bedroom with wall paneling and fairy lights

(Image credit: Soak & Sleep)

With the simple addition of bedroom fairy light ideas, you can create a completely different atmosphere in your bedroom. 

For a relaxed feel and a natural glow, choose warm white LEDs, while if you're looking for something brighter and more playful, you can opt for white LEDs or colored fairy lights.

A white bedroom with shiplapped walls, coat hooks, overhead wooden beams and en suite bath in shot

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

String fairy lights around the bed, around the bedhead, around the frame of a four-poster, or from a high ceiling, as below.

'If you are a real minimalist or lover of all things modern then you could opt for a string of festoon lights somewhere in your bedroom are the perfect match for a monochrome bedroom and would also look great in a contemporary studio apartment or strung against a white wall,' says Lucy Kirk, creative and photography manager, Lights4Fun (opens in new tab).

'If your bedroom has subtle tones of black and white then a string of festoon lights on black cable would be a perfect fit. Looking for a splash of color? We have multi-colored festoon lights too!'

'If you’d wish to enhance the light in your room even further, you could also try winding some white fairy lights around your bed frame or a mirror; use some bright white LED fairy lights on clear cable for a clean, tidy and minimalistic look, which will freshen up your room instantly.'

If you are inspired by this bedroom lighting idea, peruse our pick of the best fairy lights too. 

27. Choose task lighting for dressing tables and desks

An upcycled old dressing table with Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe paint in bedroom

(Image credit: Oliver Gordon )

Whether you use your bedroom for putting on makeup or for work, having an angled desk lamp or a wall-mounted equivalent is a real bonus.

The Realhomes.com editor has a desk lamp on her dressing table and swears by it for accurate makeup application – especially when your eyesight isn't 20/20!

28. Accent with bedroom spotlights in dark corners

A dark blue wardrobe with black shutters in bedroom and leopard print rug, heeled shoes, palm print wallpaper, grey radiator and teal footstool

(Image credit: Fiona Walker-Arnott)

Spotlights or downlights are the best solutions for areas of the bedroom that tend to be always dark, such as walk-in closets and fitted bedroom storage units. If you have a freestanding wardrobe, you can use a clip-on or freestanding spotlight on top as an affordable option. 

Walk-in wardrobes and complex fitted solutions will need a professional lighting installation – many fitted furniture companies will sell and install bedroom lighting decor as part of the package.

29. Choose the right lampshades and bulbs to diffuse and warm light

A green panelled bedroom with pendant side lamp and framed monochrome wall art

(Image credit: Lights and Lamps)

Modern bedrooms can look cool with task lights and spotlights, but a good lampshade cannot be beaten for providing a soft, diffused glow, especially important in more traditional bedrooms.

Choose the best quality lampshade you can afford, and pick an off-white or cream color for maximum warmth. 

You can also warm up a cool bedroom (and save money) by choosing the right lightbulb.

30. Add a statement with a funky wall light 

A white bedroom with black and brass wall light, framed art and pink tulle material

(Image credit: Nest)

If you haven't got a ton of space in your bedroom for a statement pendant light or a floor lamp, you can get statement wall lights that will take up zero floor space. 

We love this striking number with a cool contemporary shape that would work in any style room. It looks particularly chic in this all-white bedroom, with the blank canvas making it the star of the show.

31. Add a mirror behind your table lamp

A grey bedroom with gold mirror, cream and black lampshade and framed wall art of woman

(Image credit: Cult Furniture )

This is such a great trick – positioning a mirror design behind your bedroom lighting will only enhance the light it gives off, plus it creates a lovely glow. 

Mirror ideas work really well in a small bedroom too, as we are sure you know, mirrors expand space, creating the allusion to a bigger, lighter room. 

32. Light up a shelf and create interest in you bedroom

A white bedroom with shiplap on walls and floors, with floating shelves and blue bedding

(Image credit: Ikea/Benjamin Edwards)

We love open bedroom shelving ideas. They are the perfect place to store books and vases and of course the odd house plant. 

They are also the perfect place to add some soft bedroom lighting. Fairy lights are an obvious choice, LED candles work too, they look subtle and give off the same atmospheric light.

How should you approach bedroom lighting?

'Introducing the perfect lighting will not only brighten up the space but also elevates the atmosphere by creating an eye-catching and ambient mood,' says Kerry Laird, interior designer at Fishpools (opens in new tab).

Exposed bulbs are a great way to avoid overcrowding in a smaller bedroom. Not only do bare bulbs exude character, but they also add vintage charm. Additionally, exposed bulbs are extremely versatile and will suit most color schemes.'

'If you’re looking to create a statement but don’t have high ceilings for something as grand as a chandelier, why not look to wall lighting as an alternative? On a practical note, wall lighting is great for illuminating a specific area like a piece of artwork, or an accessory table.'

'Choose a slim light for smaller bedrooms as a sleek addition to a minimalist space or to work effectively as a spotlight style to draw attention to hanging pictures and ornaments.'

'If statement lighting seems too much, try a subtle approach, and create a more inviting ambiance with a table lamp. A muted lampshade that can be adapted to any interior vibe is a great alternative. Position on a bedside table and add some accessories such as a standing picture frame or house plants to complete the look.'

What types of bedroom lighting ideas do you need?

Task lighting – we're talking spotlights and reading lights – is a must for readers or if you use the bedroom as a home office. Wardrobes will benefit from spotlights, especially in larger rooms with insufficient natural light. 

Ambient lighting mimics natural daylight and can be created with pendants, lamps, and wall lights for soft pools of light and a relaxed atmosphere. Think dimmable overhead or bedside lamps will help fill your bedroom with soft, diffused light – perfect for winding down before drifting off to sleep. 

Accent lighting is a bonus, created with spotlights, downlights, and uplights, among other styles of lighting; this is especially used to highlight design features such as alcoves or artwork, but can also be created with table lamps to create zoned pools of light.

How many lights should be in a bedroom?

This depends on the bedroom lighting scheme you decide on but if you do choose to layer lighting to enjoy the best results, you will usually have the three types of light mentioned above in your space. 

However, bedrooms that are usually only used at night and for varying lengths of time, look their best when lit with low light. So, while you may install the typical three types of artificial lighting – ambient, task, and accent – you may rarely use all three at once, unlike in a living room, for example. 

‘The best way to create an atmospheric lighting scheme in a bedroom is to use layers of lights,’ says lighting buyer Diane Simpson.

‘I tend to start with the ceiling and will choose a statement piece. Matching fittings create a more symmetrical look but think about what you use your bedside lighting for before you choose.’

Plan with purpose

The first thing to do when designing the lighting scheme for your bedroom is the amount of natural light that comes in. Then think about your needs and habits: are you much of a reader at night? 

Then you'll need to invest in good quality reading lights. Or do you mainly use your bedroom for evening lounging in on the weekends? In which case, you'll want some atmospheric, low level and dimmable lighting. Do you need good lighting in winter to find clothes or put on makeup? Then you'll need good ambient and task lighting.

How will you control your bedroom lighting?

With a rough idea of the lighting effects you want to create planned out, you can think about how your lighting will be controlled – and this is where a bigger budget will come into play. 

If you are renovating your home from scratch, it is worth talking to a lighting designer early on to include clever control systems in your scheme. ‘The lighting design needs to be finalized before the first fix electrics,’ says Sian Parsons, senior lighting designer at John Cullen Lighting. ‘This will ensure the scheme is fully integrated into the joinery and architecture of each room. The more information provided about the furniture layout and decorative scheme, the better the lighting will enhance your home.’

No bedroom lighting scheme will look its best controlled by one switch – putting your bedroom lighting on different circuits is a must. An average bedroom will need at least two or three circuits: one for downlights or the central pendant; one for table lamps; and one for wall lights, for example. Ideally, you should be able to control all of the room's lighting from just by the bedroom door and from the bed.

Set the right mood with dimmer switches

If you are designing a bedroom on a budget, dimmer switches are an inexpensive option and are great for changing the mood of a room. 

There are several types: a touch dimmer, controlled by touching the light or switch plate; a switch dimmer, turned on by adjusting a rotating or in-line switch on the lamp or switch plate by hand; and a remote dimmer, usually a wall plate with a remote control-operated touch-sensitive switch. This last type can be programmed to remember your ideal lighting levels.

Dimmers can’t be used with energy-saving bulbs, but the dimming itself will usually save energy. Halogen bulbs can be dimmed but may need a higher wattage dimmer than the total wattage of the light fitting – a qualified electrician can easily deal with this. 

Beware if you buy LED lamps for dimming, as you may experience flickering or overheating. This might be a sign that either the lamp isn’t dimmable in the first place, or the dimmer is only capable of dimming lamps from certain manufacturers, so check your bulb is compatible with your switch. 

The best light bulbs for a bedroom

LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs last for more than 20,000 hours, give off a warm, white light, are cool to the touch, and are as efficient as energy-saving bulbs. Dimmable versions are available, although they are not recommended for use with touch lamps.

Tungsten bulbs produce a warm, instant light, last about 1,000 hours, get hot when lit, and are fully dimmable. They are being phased out in favor of bulbs with greater energy efficiency.

Halogen bulbs give off a bright, instant white light, last about 2,000 hours, become hot when lit, and are fully dimmable. They also come in low-voltage capsule types for armed lighting, which may require specialist dimmers.

Energy-saving bulbs, also known as compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL), give off a warm, white light, take around 60 seconds to warm up, and last for 8,000 plus hours; they are not generally dimmable, although there are some versions available, which are not recommended for touch lamps.

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