The best bedding brands: where to shop for a good night's sleep, guaranteed

For a better snooze and a more stylish bedroom

Best bedding white bedding on bed with yellow trim cushions and accessories
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Knowing where to buy the best bedding will make the world of difference to your bedroom. Perhaps you’ve spent the night at a luxury hotel wrapped up in boutique bedding and your supermarket set is no longer feeling so fresh. Or maybe you’re looking for best-selling brands and retailers to guarantee you a great night’s sleep. Either way, it’s time for an upgrade and only the best will do. 

Investing in good quality bedding doesn't have to be expensive, mind. It may seem like costly Egyptian cotton or down and feather fillings are the only way to go when it comes to luxury. But with more brands producing premium products, at affordable prices, buying the best sheets, duvet sets and pillows doesn't have to dent your bank balance. And of course, anything that helps us sleep better is worth taking the time to find. 

So to help you save on time, and money, we’ve pinpointed the nicest bedlinen and where to get it. Using our sleep expertise and research on top retailers, such as Bedfolk, DUSK, John Lewis and Silentnight (and many more), we’ve listed our favourite one-stop shops that offer buys for better sleep, at competitive prices. No matter your budget, we’ve got you covered with options that suits all sleeping needs, and bedroom aesthetics.

Still, improving your comfort levels at night should be your main priority. And securing the best mattress should be first on your wish list. Once you’ve got that big buy out of the way, new sheets are next. 

Finding the best bedding for you

Why you can trust Real Homes Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

The first thing you’ll probably learn on your hunt for new bedding is that the term itself can be slightly confusing. 'Bedding' is often used to refer to different items and can cover both bedding inserts e.g. pillows and duvets, and bed linen e.g. pillowcases, duvet covers, and sheets.

There are also a whole host of retailers offering multiple versions of all of these items, which can soon put your mission to source the best bedding into a tailspin! To sort the wheat from the chaff we’ve collated a list of recommended brands to have on your radar, from the best places to source sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases to the renowned retailers known for memory foam pillows and luxurious goose down duvets.

For more in-depth recommendations on each specific bedding product, delve into our individual buying guides with the top choices; all tried, tested, and rated by the Real Homes team: 

The best bedding brands 

The best brands to buy bedding bundles

Beddable (opens in new tab)

Beddable white bedding set in room with a plant

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Products available: duvet, pillow, duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets

Best for: fuss-free bedding sets that are much more luxurious than you might think

The Beddable concept is simple, and designed to take the stress out of bedding shopping. The brand offers only two choices of bed linen, a cosy washed cotton - that's one of the softest  we've come across – and a cool and crisp cotton percale, perfect for summer. Both options come in sets that include pillowcases, a duvet cover and a fitted sheet. If you're starting from scratch Beddable also offers a set that includes an all-season 10.5 TOG goose feather and down duvet and four pillows in a moving-in essentials package. 

Despite sticking to the basics, the bedding itself is anything but, with the 400 thread count cotton bedding sourced from Portugal, offering OEKO-TEX certification and aligned with the Better Cotton Initiative which works to improve livelihoods and economic development in cotton-producing areas. We've tested their range and it's safe to say the sheets are still as soft as when they were first slept in. No wonder it's the set we reach for on the fortnightly bed change. 

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

Bedfolk (opens in new tab)

Bedfolk ink linen bedding set on bed with pink pillows a chair and magazine

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(opens in new tab)

Products available: duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets, recycled down pillow, recycled down duvet 

Best for: bed linen with a relaxed look in cool muted colourways

Designed so you can wind-down well, Bedfolk offers a curated collection of relaxation essentials that set a new standard for comfort. They aim to cut through the noise of the bed linen market to deliver a core range of products all certified to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® (an environmental standard that confirms no harmful chemicals are present in any component of the finished product). 

Duvets, sheets, and pillowcases come in linen, relaxed cotton or washed cotton, and are available in a nature-inspired selection of muted tones – think Ink, Dove, Rose, and Clay. They also offer coordinating bathrobes and towel sets to continue the laid back look through from bedroom to bathroom. Oh and there's a toddler and baby collection so you little ones can sleep in style too.

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

DUSK (opens in new tab)

DUSK white bedding set on side of bed lifestyle image

(Image credit: DUSK )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets

Best for: luxe-look cotton bedding with high-thread count options

If you want your bedroom to look like you just stepped into a luxury hotel room then DUSK is our top recommendation for crisp white cotton bedding to re-create that high-end boutique feel. 

Focusing purely on cotton, the brand's bedding tends to eschew colour and pattern to hone down on fabric quality, with a wide range of 200 thread count cotton percales, 400 thread count cotton sateen and up to 800 thread count Egyptian cottons. Prices can be on the steep side, but DUSK bedding sales crop up fairly regularly and are well worth looking out for and if you're willing to invest, there's no doubt you won't regret. 

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

furn. (opens in new tab)

Furn floral bedding in mustard on a bed with reversible white side and coral back wall

(Image credit: Furn )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets

Best for: fun and colourful printed bed linen at affordable price points

The bed is the piece of bedroom furniture that is likely to have the biggest surface area, so changing up your bed linen can make a massive impact on your boudoir's style. A new bedding set is therefore the perfect affordable fix if you're strapped for cash for a full makeover, or are renting and want to inject some personality into a bedroom without getting out the paint tin.

And, if you're a bit of a maximalist and love bold print and colour, furn has plenty of fun patterned duvet sets to choose between, from tropical florals prints to tribal-inspired tigers and cute woodland scenes. The brand also has the best Halloween and Christmas bedding collection we've seen, with plenty of brilliantly illustrated children's duvet sets as well as catering to the adult-elf-wannabee with double, king and super king sizes – great for festive fun. 

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

La Redoute (opens in new tab)

La Redoute green and pink abstract print bedding on bed with plant and lamp beside

(Image credit: Le Redoute )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: bed frames, divans, headboards, pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets

Best for: on-trend and affordable bed linen

French online retailer La Redoute is a great place to browse for covetable furniture and homeware – often at some refreshingly great prices. Their products are usually the most Instagram-friendly out there, with trending colours and themes taking centre stage. Offering a mix of generally more affordable own-brand products plus some well-known sleep brands, there is a great mix of basics, quirky patterns and good quality bed linen you won't find anywhere else. And with a range of bed frames, a great selection of headboards plus plenty of soft bedding available, it'd be hard to not find what you're searching for. 

Even better, there are regular sales offering up to 40% off, so time your visit right and you can snap up some real bargains. Just make sure to double check your measurements before you buy, as they double up on UK and EU sizing. 

Shop at: (opens in new tab)  (opens in new tab) grey bedding with abstract pillows

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Products available: bed frames, headboards, pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets

Best for: modern and contemporary designs and stylish at accessible prices. 

Making great design available to everyone Made offers super stylish products with more than reasonable price tags. Think on-trend colourways and classic iconic styles – it's the ultimate home of designer dupes. You'll find everything for your home, from furniture to lighting, but in particular their bedding range is a go-to for interior stylists. Why? It's made using premium materials, in colours you just cannot resist. There's a great range on offer. Going for a Barbiecore bedroom? They've got the pink for that. Or how about the moody, industrial look? There's a blue to work with that too. 

Their bedding products are sold separately, so there's no bundle options available. But don't let that put you off as they're designed to be mixed and matched to curate your own look. Once you've added all your components to the cart, the price isn't too bad either.

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

Piglet in bed (opens in new tab) 

Piglet in bed raspberry bedding on wooden bed frame infront of window

(Image credit: Piglet in Bed )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets

Best for: linen bedding bundles and tailored linen sleepwear

Know you want linen bedding? Breathable, no-iron and able to keep even the hottest of sleepers cool at night, we're big fans of the fabric, and as long as you want no other material then Piglet offers the biggest range of beautiful colours. We're particular fans of the bright summery shades you often struggle to find in linen materials, plus, they continue the natural ethos with a small range of Merino wool pillows, duvets and mattress toppers. To coordinate your sleep set-up, there's even a dreamy collection of linen sleepwear, from relaxed robes to tailored linen pyjama sets. 

Now including a selection of linen tablecloths, cushions and curtains too, the brand certainly isn't cheap, but that extends to the quality too. They do make particularly nice gifts. And it's well worth putting some pieces on your own wishlist too.

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

Soak & Sleep (opens in new tab)

Soak and Sleep french linen set on bed with blue throw

(Image credit: Soak and Sleep )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: divan beds, mattresses, pillows, duvets, mattress protectors, duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets

Best for: Luxury Egyptian cotton and high-thread count sheets

As the name might suggest, Soak & Sleep focuses on textiles for the bedroom and bathroom, with a wide range of bedding options including duvets, pillows and bed linen, along with a good selection of towels, bath mats, and bathrobes.

In regards to bedding, Soak & Sleep has a core range of products with a selection of key fabrics, including high-thread count cottons, Mulberry silk, eco-friendly organic cotton and hemp bed linens and French linen flax which scores highly in our guide to the best duvet covers and best bedsheets. Surprisingly, these premium styles aren't too expensive either, if you compare them against some high end offerings. Still, sales are quite common, so keep your eyes peeled for discounts. 

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

The best high street brands for bedding

Dunelm (opens in new tab)

Dunelm cream bedding set with bedside table and gold lamp

(Image credit: Dunelm )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: bed frames, divans, headboards, mattresses, pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets

Best for: great value bedding buys from other bedding retailers including their own brand. 

Dunelm's bedding collection spans a wide range of price points, from budget microfibre duvets to more expensive goose feather and down options, memory foam pillows, and all sorts of sets. But they're known for their great value deals on bedding you can rely on. There are own-brand and brand-name options on offer, including Fogarty, Snuggledown, and Dorma. And since it's likely there's a physical store somewhere close to you, there's a great opportunity to go in and get a feel for products before you buy. When you're on a budget, looking to kit-out your spare room or are buying new bedding ready for the big move to university, Dunelm is the go-to for essentials to suit any style, space and pocket. 

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

H&M Home (opens in new tab) 

Neutral bedding set from H and M with light coming through the window

(Image credit: H and M )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: pillows, duvets, duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets

Best for: affordable linen and muted scandi-style bed linen

Originally better known for its affordable fashion, Swedish brand H&M's homeware offering has grown extensively over the past few years, becoming a firm favourite with interior lovers for its on-trend and affordable furnishings. 

The brand offers a small range of pillows and duvets from The Fine Bedding Company, but its focus is on dressing your bed in the latest looks, from fashion-conscious ginghams to leopard print spots – whatever the latest fashion trend is, it's likely it has printed a duvet cover to match. It has a core range of linen duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets that tend to come in the seasons must-have colours – just make sure to check your measurements as the EU sizing can sometimes clash with UK bedding sizes.

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

John Lewis (opens in new tab)

White bedding on rattan rug with rust throw

(Image credit: John Lewis )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: bed frames, divans, headboards, mattresses, pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets

Best for: good quality bedding of all types

John Lewis' long-standing reputation for good quality furniture and furnishings remains true of its bedding categories too. Offering pretty much everything bedroom related you could need, there are bed frames, headboards, mattresses, and bedlinen aplenty, with a mix of the brand's own entry-level ANYDAY ranges, premium own-brand products, and a good selection of well-known brand names like Emma and Simba, for example.

As such its showrooms offer a good opportunity to do some hands-on research on top names you might not get to see elsewhere.

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

Next (opens in new tab)

Next white bedding in neutral room with sage green accessories

(Image credit: Next )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: bed frames, divans, headboards, mattresses, pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets

Best for: quick-dry, easy-care polycotton sheets and duvet covers available in a range of standard colours. 

Another popular go-to for all things homeware-related, Next offers a wide selection of own-brand bedding, plus in recent years it's expanded its offering to include other sleep-related brand names, such as Silentnight and Fogarty. 

There is usually a showroom in a retail park or town centre nearby, which makes trying before you buy that bit easier, and the showroom's sets can be a useful source of inspiration, as well as providing a place to buy in person if you love the looks you see.

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

The White Company (opens in new tab)

White bedding with brown piping on bed length ways with bedside table and lamp on

(Image credit: The White Company )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: bed frames, divans, headboards, pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets

Best for: white bedlinen – surprise, surprise!

The White Company has a curated edit of pretty much everything bedding-related except for mattresses, concentrating on the more aesthetic end of the market. The focus is on luxury, with goose feather and down pillows and duvets, high thread count cotton bedlinen – that goes up to an emperor size – and luxurious bedding accessories, like bedspreads, throws and cushions.

Not everything is white, but it does feature a lot, with neutrals definitely the name of the game.

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

Ikea (opens in new tab)

Checked bedding set in room with big windows and green throw

(Image credit: IKEA)
(opens in new tab)

Products available: mattresses, bed frames, pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets

Best for: a one-stop-shop for budget bedding

Much-loved Scandinavian homeware store IKEA is a go-to for well-designed homeware at affordable prices and the same is true for its bedding collections. There's a store not far from most people, and once there you can stock up on all your bedding (and the rest of the home) needs at once. There's everything from bed frames and cheap mattresses to a wide range of linens in every colour possible. 

IKEA's online offering is also getting bigger by the day, so you don't necessarily even need to brave a store visit (and end up coming away with five times what you went in for). 

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

The best brands for mattresses, pillows, duvets and protectors

Brook + Wilde (opens in new tab)

Brook and Wilde mattress on grey bedframe, teal walls and patterned rug

(Image credit: Brook and Wilde )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: bed frames, mattresses, pillows, duvets, mattress protectors and (a small range of) bed linen

Best for: high-end mattresses and luxe goose feather pillows and duvets

Perhaps best known for its luxury mattresses – many of which have been put through their paces and score highly in our best mattress guides – Brook + Wilde is at the luxury end of the bedding market, focusing on multi-layered mattress construction and super soft goose feather and down duvet covers and pillows. 

There are no showrooms to try before you buy, but Brook +Wilde offers a 100 night trial on its mattresses so you can see if the sleep experience is for you. You can get the lowdown on all of Brook + Wilde's sleep products in our dedicated Brook + Wilde bedding review where we've tried and tested everything from the Elite mattress to the Marlowe goose down pillow.

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

Emma (opens in new tab)

Emma original mattress on bed with pillowws and throw against a teal background

(Image credit: Emma Sleep )

Products available: bed frame, mattresses, pillows, duvets, mattress protectors, mattress cover

Best for: bedding basics without the overwhelm

Sometimes you just want to invest in some core bedding pieces without trawling through reams of options, and Emma offers just that, focusing on perfecting a capsule collection of sleeping essentials. It's an approach that seems to have paid off, with the brand's original memory foam mattress in particular regularly coming top of the 'best mattress' league tables, including our own.

Sadly there are no showrooms to try before you buy, but a selection of lines are now stocked in John Lewis stores and Furniture Village (opens in new tab) to help you make the right choice for you, plus Emma offers a 200-night sleep trial on most of their products.

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

Panda (opens in new tab)

Dark grey Panda bedding on wooden bed frame

(Image credit: Panda )

Products available: pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, and (a small range of) bed linen

Best for: bamboo bedding

As the name might suggest, Panda is focused on bringing bamboo bedding into the mainstream, offering pillows, duvets and bed linen made from the fast-growing fibre, all of which are certified to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® (an environmental standard that confirms no harmful chemicals are present in any component of the finished product).

The brand's range is fairly small, but we can vouch that nearly all sleep products live up to expectation – and more. In particular, we love the thermal properties of its Cloud duvet which features in our best duvets guide, and the silky softness of the 100% bamboo bedding bundle. 

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

Simba (opens in new tab)

Simba mattress with cover and pillow on floating lifestyle image

(Image credit: Simba Sleep )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: mattresses, pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, and (a small selection of) bedlinen

Best for: bedding built upon innovative technology

Simba stands out in the sleep market for its innovative approach to prototyping, data testing – it profiled 10 million sleepers to get the information needed to keep continually improving products – and materials, developing several of its own technologies to create its mattresses and pillows. The brand also has a welcome approach to bringing sustainability to the forefront of its manufacturing processes, endeavouring to work towards zero-waste factories and recycling significant proportions of its materials.

Simba offers a 200-night sleep trial of its mattresses, with some products available to test in selected John Lewis stores. You can find the nitty-gritty detail on all of Simba's sleep products in our full Simba bedding review where we've tried and tested everything from the brand's adjustable hybrid pillow (nanocubes and all) to its temperature regulating duvet.

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

Eve Sleep (opens in new tab)

Eve yellow trim duvet on beige bedframe in bedroom with duvet on

(Image credit: Eve sleep )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: mattresses, pillows, duvets, mattress protectors and (a small range of) bed linen – including child and baby options

Best for: a one-stop online sleep shop with a range of price points and options for all of the family

Online sleep specialist Eve regularly features in our sleep-related product round-ups due to their fusion of good design and range of price points from entry-level to premium. Along with its distinctive yellow branding, Eve is probably best known for its mattresses, but it also has a curated collection of all the bedding essentials, and – unlike many of its online sleep specialist competitors – offers a child and baby sleep range, making it a good choice to kit out a family home. 

A common story by now... there are no dedicated Eve sleep stores to try before you buy, but you can test out products at selected Next and Dunelm stores and a growing list of other locations, including (for the full eight hours of testing time) at London-based design-led boutique hotel Leman Locke (opens in new tab) . Eve also offers a 100-night mattress trial and 30-day trials on most of its core bedding.

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

Otty (opens in new tab)

Otty mattress on wooden bed frame with branding. and a throw on the bed

(Image credit: Otty )

Products available: bed frames, mattresses, pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors

Best for: reasonably-priced, eco-friendly mattresses that blend charcoal and bamboo

Originally a mattress-specialist brand that has expanded its sleep offering to include the usual bedding essentials, Otty offers reasonably-priced mattresses that now incorporate bamboo and charcoal and offer removable and washable covers, along with some slightly more expensive core bedding products.

There is an Otty showroom, although only in Leeds, however, the brand offers a comparable 100-night trial of its mattresses so you can try before you buy. 

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

Woolroom (opens in new tab)

Woolroom linen bedding in dark grey on bed in bedroom lifestyle image

(Image credit: Woolroom )
(opens in new tab)

Products available: mattresses, pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, and bedlinen

Best for: sustainable bedding made from British wool

As the name might suggest, Woolroom's mission is to reignite our appreciation for the humble sheep, and more specifically the sustainable and temperature regulating qualities of British wool. Moisture-wicking, breathable and highly-insulating, wool has been overlooked in the past century due to an explosion of plastic-based technologies such as polyester and microfibre, that prize affordability and ease of care at the expense of sleep comfort and sustainable production methods. 

Woolroom focuses on bringing natural – and far more sustainable – materials back to the forefront of the bedding world, offering 'clean sleep' mattresses, mattress protectors, duvets, and pillows that are free from harsh chemicals, organically grown, and offer full traceability. 

Shop at: (opens in new tab)

Which bedding brand is best?

Which bedding brand is best depends on what you’re looking for, be it sheets, duvets or blankets. Navigate your way through this list using each brands ‘best for’ to find where to buy the bedding for you. As a recap, we’ll give you a few pointers. For the eco-conscious, Panda offers sustainable bedding options that are kind to you and the environment too. If you’re wanting a simple bed set you can pick-up with your next supermarket shop, then John Lewis and Next are high street stores with everything you need to kit your room out for a great price. Or you might be looking for linens in cool colours to give your bedroom a style update. In which case look to on-trend brands like Piglet in Bed or

How do I find the right bedding?

Aside from deciding which product you're after, which would typically come from what needs replacing, there are things to look for when choosing the best bedding for you. These include, finding the size you need, material that works with your needs and which colour will go with your at-home aesthetic. As a main marker for finding the right bedding though, we'd recommend working out your budget. How much are you willing/can afford to spend? This will dictate where you shop, since brands often cater to different price points. 

How we chose these bedding brands 

In order for these brands to make the list as best, we certainly had to have first-hand experience. Yes, that means sleeping in layers of linens, under duvets and atop mattresses, protectors and pillows galore. For all of the brands listed, we've tried at least two of their core products, which you'll find in more detail in our buying guides. We also have reviews of mattresses and toppers for a deeper insight. 

We've got you covered with info on how we test products at Real Homes too. So rest assured, there's a method to our selection. 

Louise Oliphant
Ecommerce Editor

Louise is the Ecommerce Editor at Real Homes, specialising in sleep content so you can wind-down well. With prior PR experience working for a luxury bedding brand, Louise knows the importance of getting a great night’s sleep. Joining the other side of the desk as a full-time journo, Louise brings her bedding expertise to writing sleep buying guides, reviews, and news for Real Homes. Aside from helping readers get essential shut eye, Louise also writes shopping content for homeware items that’ll add a decorative edge to your space. With an eye for design that won’t snooze on style, but a budget that won’t quite stretch, Louise loves nothing more than a modern designer dupe. From coloured glassware to contemporary storage, anything to upgrade the bare space of her rented East London flat.