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Moved into a new home and noticed the state of the floors? We've all been there. Unfortunately, rentals come with general wear and tear, and if your space has wooden floors in particular, they can look a little "pre-loved" to put it nicely. Let's face it, your landlord is not going to give you fresh carpet anytime soon, but the good news is, you don't have to overspend to give your floors the upgrade they so desperately need and deserve. 

Nice rugs are usually expensive, but you'll be amazed at how convenient, cheap, and chic some of the best rugs can be nowadays. Simply pick up a pretty pick from Amazon and watch your living room, bedroom, or open-plan space transform into the stylish space you've been dreaming of for a little too long. Yes, Amazon: whether you're going for a Scandi vibe or prefer contemporary colors, there are so many cool options from what feels like the cutest collection of Amazon rugs yet, and you will easily be able to cover up your bare floors for under $200.

Here are a few of my favorite Amazon rugs RN: 

The Real Homes Amazon rug edit 

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How we chose these Amazon rugs 

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Louise Oliphant

Louise is our shopping expert and is always on the lookout for good-looking, low-cost pieces for your home, be it a new bedding set, a throw to go with it, or even some furniture from your favorite Amazon retailers. Either way, she knows what to look for and when. She rents a flat with friends, which means she knows the ins and outs of making a house a home, within renter rules and landlord guidelines: 

"Rugs are a great way to add your personal style to any space, be it small or large. If you're renting in particular, they're the perfect alternative to redecorating or investing in more permanent makeovers. When choosing these rugs, I made sure they would offer the style upgrade your space deserves, without you having to spend your savings. These rugs have all been highly rated on Amazon, with tons of reviews complimenting them for their value for money. A rug for under $200, that'll transform my house? You best believe it."  

How to choose the Amazon rug for you 

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It may sound fairly simple, and whilst we've curated a nice nine rugs for you to choose from, they come in a great range of sizes and color options too. So aside from working out your budget, make sure to know what style and size you're after as well when you're considering how to choose a rug. Here are a few things to think about:

Price: With some cool months still ahead, we understand you might not want to spend too much on a new rug, but it's worth keeping in mind that rugs can be a worthwhile investment when it comes to heating your home. It's true: a deep pile rug or a faux fur option can bring warmth to cold rooms. If you're a renter, it's likely you have hardwood floors, which can contribute to how cold your home is. Instead of racking up your energy bill, put more into buying a cozy rug this winter. Otherwise, make sure you're paying for quality. You want a rug to last you more than a few months, of course, so ensure it's durable and made from premium materials. 

Style: We may have mentioned the vast array of rug styles out there. Think Persian, jute, rattan, abstract, checkered...the list could go on. Therefore, we'd suggest first thinking about color and what other design elements you have in your house. Pairing it with the color scheme you have going will work to unify the space. 

Size: Arguably the most important thing to get right, make sure your rug is big enough for the floor you're looking to cover. Are you needing to zone an area? Perhaps you're wanting to place one at the end of the bed, under your dining table, or in the center of your living space? There are circular, rectangle, and runner variations to measure.

Should a rug be wider than the couch?

If you're wanting to zone out your lounge area, then having your rug wider than your couch will help to keep the space concise. There's a general recommendation to have your rug at least 6–8 inches wider than your couch on either side. This rule will help you pick out the size you require. Run the length of your couch and add on this amount, twice. 

Keeping your couch within the rug space is also a way to cozy up a small space without having to add too many soft furnishings. 

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